Chapter Review

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  1. A multitasking operating system can run as many tasks simultaneously as there are ____________________.
  2. The network operating system can take control of the processor without the task's cooperation in a multitasking operating system that uses _________________ multitasking.
  3. The process of forwarding requests is carried out by a __________________, which is also commonly referred to as a "shell" or a "requester."
  4. Redirector activity originates in the _____________ computer when the user issues a request for a network resource or service.
  5. Redirectors can send requests to either computers or ___________________.
  6. In the past, network operating systems were ____________________ that were loaded on top of a stand-alone operating system.
  7. Novell's NetWare operating system is a _________________-based network.
  8. An advantage of using NetWare is that it works well in a ________________ environment.
  9. A Windows NT computer will not communicate with a NetWare network.
  10. True False

  11. Banyan Vines is an NOS that runs on top of another operating system.
  12. True False

  13. Your client is a small business, planning to install a small network for the office, which includes five computers, running Windows 95, and two printers. Security is not an issue because all employees work on the same projects. Would you recommend upgrading to Windows NT?
  14. Will a Windows 95 or 98 workstation always work on a NetWare network?


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