Creating an NN-19 Sampler

The simplest of Reason's samplers is the NN-19, which is designed to handle standard MIDI instrumentation. (If you aren't sure what counts as a basic MIDI instrument, look in the NN-19 Instrument folders in the Reason Factory Sound Bank to get an idea.) The NN-19 is also a good starting place for making your own sounds.

To create an NN-19 sampler


If you're starting with an empty Rack, create a Mixer first (see Chapter 4, "Getting Started," if you need a refresher).


Select Create > NN-19 Digital Sampler. An NN-19 sampler appears in the Rack (Figure 6.1).

Figure 6.1. The NN-19 digital sampler's front panel


Check the back panel to make sure the L and R audio outputs are cabled to an open Mixer channel (Figure 6.2).

Figure 6.2. The NN-19 back panel, showing its connection to the Mixer


Return to the front panel.

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