Writing Your First Sampler Track

All the NN-19 instruments are stored in your Factory Sound Bank (the Reason Orkester bank does not contain NN-19 patches). Let's start by writing a piano part.

To load a sampler patch


Click the patch browser icon on your NN-19 front panel (Figure 6.3) to bring up the Reason patch browser.

Figure 6.3. Click Browse Patch to bring up the NN-19 patch browser.


From the Locations window of your browser, open the Factory Sound Bank (Figure 6.4)

Figure 6.4. The Locations window is the quickest way to navigate to the Factory Sound Bank.


Go to the NN-19 Patches/Piano folder, select the GRANDPIANO patch (Figure 6.5), and click OK.

Figure 6.5. Select the GRANDPIANO patch.

The NN-19 patch display should indicate that the GRANDPIANO instrument is loaded (Figure 6.6).

Figure 6.6. The patch display shows the loaded patch.

To write a piano part


If you are using a master keyboard, check your interface to make sure your keyboard's MIDI channel is routed to the NN-19 (Figure 6.7) and that the current Sequencer track is set to record (Figure 6.8).

Figure 6.7. Set MIDI input from an external keyboard using the Reason hardware interface.

Figure 6.8. Set the Sequencer track to record note input.


Go to the NN-19 1 track in the Sequencer, open up Edit mode, and record or input some notes.

In this example, I wrote a part for each hand: a "right hand" melody (selected) and a "left hand" bass part (Figure 6.9).

Figure 6.9. A piano part in the NN19 1 Sequencer track, with the melodic voice highlighted


Click play, or press the spacebar to hear your track played on the NN-19's grand piano.


  • When a part is finished, save Rack space by clicking the fold arrow on devices that won't need further adjustment (Figure 6.10).

    Figure 6.10. To conserve space, fold up Rack devices that you're done with.

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Reason 3 For Windows and Mac
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