Chapter 12. Objects and Custom Components


    Recipe 12.1.  Using Methods and Properties of Built-in Objects

    Recipe 12.2.  Creating an Instance of a Class

    Recipe 12.3.  Adding Properties to an Object Instance

    Recipe 12.4.  Adding Custom Methods to an Object Instance

    Recipe 12.5.  Creating a Custom Class

    Recipe 12.6.  Creating Smart Getter/Setter Properties

    Recipe 12.7.  Defining Read-Only Properties

    Recipe 12.8.  Creating Subclasses

    Recipe 12.9.  Implementing Subclass Versions of Superclass Methods

    Recipe 12.10.  Listening for Events

    Recipe 12.11.  Adding Listeners to Custom Classes

    Recipe 12.12.  Creating a Component That Subclasses MovieClip

    Recipe 12.13.  Program: Color Selector Component

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