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    flat file database, indexing 
    open source tools and 
feature formats, EMBOSS 
feature tables
    extracting CDS/mRNA/translations from 
    writing representation of to standard output 
    tables of  [See feature tables]
field definitions
    DDBJ flat files 
    EMBL flat files 
    GenBank flat files 
    Pfam flat files 
    PROSITE flat files 
    SWISS-PROT flat files 
    ABI sequence trace 
    ASCII, removing carriage returns from 
    codon usage table 
        writing protein-heterogen contact data files from 
    dinucleotides, counting number of 
    domains coordinate files, writing from protein coordinate files 
    EMBL CD-ROM format index
        building from BLAST database 
        building from FASTA flat file database 
        building from flat file database 
        building from GCG-format database 
    EMBL-like format, writing SCOP classification to 
    EMBOSS data, determining directories that can hold 
    enzymatic data of, plottng 
        sequence entries in 
        zzz  [See also FASTA][See also FASTA]
    flat  [See flat files]
    hexanucleotides, counting number of 
    inter-chain residue-residue contact data
    intra-chain residue-residue contact data 
    mass spectrometry result 
    PDB, parsing 
    profile matrix, creating from nucleic acid sequences 
    protein coordinate
        writing domains coordinate files from 
        writing from PDB files 
    SCOP classification
        converting/writing to EMBL-like format files 
        removing low-resolution domains from 
        removing redundant domains from 
    SWISS-PROT:PDB-equivalence, converting to EMBL-like format 
    trinucleotides, counting number of 
    typing sequences into 
findkm program (EMBOSS) 
flat file databases, indexing 
flat files 
    DDBJ example 
    EMBL example 
    GenBank example 
    Pfam example 
    PROSITE example 
    SWISS-PROT example 
flatworm mitochondrial code 
formatdb program 
formatdb program (BLAST) 
freak program (EMBOSS) 
frequency tables, codon 
funky program (EMBOSS) 
fuzznuc program (EMBOSS) 
fuzzpro program (EMBOSS) 
fuzztran program (EMBOSS) 

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