tfm displays the help documentation for an EMBOSS program.

Here is a sample session with tfm:

% tfm wossname

You will see a page of documentation on the wossname program. To see further pages, you should press the spacebar on your keyboard. To stop seeing the documentation before you get to the end of the text, you can press the "q" key to quit.

Mandatory qualifiers:

[-program] (string)

Enter the name of an EMBOSS program.

Optional qualifiers:

-outfile (outfile)

If you enter the name of a file here, this program will write the program names and brief descriptions into that file.

-html (boolean)

This will format the output for displaying as a WWW document.

-more (boolean)

This uses the standard Unix utility more to display the text page-by-page, waiting for you to read one screen of text before going on to the next page. When you have finished reading a page, press the spacebar to proceed to the next page.

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