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v namespace prefix 
validity of XML 
van der Vlist, Eric
    RELAX NG  2nd 
    XML Schema  2nd 
VB.NET, coding Smart Documents with 
VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)  [See also Web Services]
    automating XML import and export from Access 
    creating spreadsheets for editing XML documents 
    represented as Base64-encoded text 
VBA macros
    generating with XSLT 
    line endings and 
Vector Markup Language  [See VML]
version element 
Views Task Pane, InfoPath Design Mode 
Visio, XML';s role in 
VML (Vector Markup Language)
    namespace for 
    text boxes embedded in 


Office 2003 XML
Office 2003 XML
ISBN: 0596005385
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 135

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