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DAO (Data Access Object) pattern  2nd 
data model, storefront application (example) 
data persistence 
data source
    alternative implementations 
    configuring within a Struts configuration file 
data transfer objects  [See DTOs]
data-source element 
data-sources element 
Database Connection Pool (DBCP) 
database tables 
DataSource connection factory 
DataSource interface 
DBConnectionPoolListener class 
DBCP (Database Connection Pool) 
declarative exception handling  2nd 
Decorator pattern 
default application 
default exception-handler class 
    extending (example) 
    multiple exceptions 
default initialization 
default locale 
define tag, custom tag (Bean tag library) 
definition tag, custom tag (Tiles tag library) 
deploying web applications 
deployment descriptor 
    complete example of storefront application 
    declaring the event listener in 
    declaring the filter in 
deployment information, servlet containers 
design by contract 
design model 
design-stage artifacts 
development issues
    building an interface between Struts actions and an application tier 
    redundant code in a web application 
    Struts actions interacting directly with entity beans 
Digester component 
    guidelines for Struts applications 
    structure for the storefront web application 
    subdirectories and 
DispatchAction class 
    example of shopping-cart functionality 
distributed application, DTOs in 
distributions (binary versus source)
    binary, building Struts from 
    source, building Struts from 
DOCTYPE element 
Document Type Definition  [See DTD]
doGet( ) method, ActionServlet class 
doPost( ) method, ActionServlet class 
DTD (Document Type Definition)  2nd 
    DOCTYPE element 
    Struts configuration DTD 
DTOs (data transfer objects) 
    and ActionForms, difference between 
    in a distributed application 
        EJB-based models, and 
    UserView class, storefront application (example) 
Dumoulin, Cedric  2nd 
DynaActionForm class  2nd  3rd 
    form tag, and 
    performing validation with 
dynamic action forms 
dynamic content
    versus static content 
dynamic proxies
    implementation of the storefront service 
    sequence diagram for retrieving item detail through a dynamic proxy 
DynaValidatorActionForm class  2nd 
DynaValidatorForm class 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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