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e-Test Suite 
EAR files 
Easy Struts Project 
EIS (Enterprise Information System) 
EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) 
    and Struts 
    applications and session beans 
    entity beans 
        interacting directly with Struts actions 
    interfacing Struts 
    interfacing to a model built using 
    message-driven beans 
    performance impact 
    resources, packaging with Struts 
    session beans 
        stateless implementation 
    session facade 
        defining the remote interface for 
ejb-jar.xml file 
    deployment descriptor for the storefront session bean 
ejbCreate( ) callback method 
EJBHomeFactory class 
    getInstance( ) method 
    implementation (example) 
    using in a business delegate 
EJBObject interface 
ejbRemove( ) method 
EL (new expression language) 
encapsulating the authentication behind the security service 
enctype attribute, form tag (HTML tag library) 
Enterprise Information System  [See EIS]
Enterprise JavaBeans  [See EJB]
entity beans 
    interacting directly with Struts 
entity business objects 
Entity-Relationship (E-R) diagrams 
    handling in web.xml file 
error-page element 
errors tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 
event business objects 
event handlers, JavaScript 
event listeners 
    declaring in the deployment descriptor 
    example of an event listener class that initializes a logging service 
exception chaining 
Exception class 
exception condition 
exception element  2nd 
exception handling 
    custom tags, and 
    default exception-handler class 
    exception class that supports a message key and arguments (example) 
    in Struts 
    internationalization, and  2nd 
        exceptions defined 
    performance impact of 
    remote exceptions 
    sequence diagram 
    StorefrontEJBDelegate class 
    Struts framework, provided by 
exception-type element, substituting for the error-code 
ExceptionHandler class 
        exception class that supports chained exceptions (example) 
    checked and unchecked 
        default exception-handler class, and 
        exception class that supports multiple nested exceptions (example) 
execute( ) method, Action class  2nd 
    called by the controller 
exploded directory format 
Expresso  2nd  3rd 
    ActionServlet class 
    base Action class 
    custom tags 
    default exception-handler class (example) 
    model components 
    RequestProcessor class 
        configuration classes 
    the framework, downsides to 
    tiles definitions 
    view components 
Extensible Markup Language  [See XML]
extension mapping 
extension points 
external resources 


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596006519
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 180

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