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Faces request 
Faces response 
field element 
filter element 
Filter interface 
filter-mapping element 
    creating filter elements 
    declaring in the deployment descriptor 
    definitions and mappings 
    example filter class 
    filter mapping 
    performing logic with 
    tasks associated with 
findForward( ) method, ActionMapping class 
form beans  2nd  [See also ActionForm class]
    form-property element (example) 
    section of the configuration file 
form element 
form tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 
    multiple form tags 
form-beans element 
form-property element 
formset element 
forward element  2nd 
forward tag, custom tag (Logic tag library) 
forward( ) method, RequestDispatcher class 
ForwardAction class 
ForwardConfig class 
    client notification (diagram) 
    servlet that performs a forward when it receives a request (example) 
    using relative paths in JSP pages 
    using tiles definitions as forwards in Struts 
    versus redirects 
ForwardServlet (example)
    output page 
framework  [See also Struts, framework]
    building your own 
    difference between a software library and a framework 
    downsides to extending 
    how the framework processes an ActionForm 
FrontController component (JSF) 
functional application tiers (diagram) 
functional layers  [See architectural tiers]


Programming Jakarta Struts
Programming Jakarta Struts, 2nd Edition
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