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call stack 
cancel tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 
center layout 
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), limitations of applications 
chained exceptions 
character sets, setting 
character-encoding scheme 
checkbox tag, custom tag (HTML tag library) 
checkboxes and ActionForm beans 
checked and unchecked exceptions 
checkout form (example) 
checkout.jsp file 
child elements
    action element, of 
    multiplicity symbols of child elements within a DTD 
    order of 
class diagram for the storefront business objects 
class diagrams 
class loader 
        abstract base 
        business logic, and 
        execute( ) method  2nd 
        how to best implement 
        modifications to 
        part of the controller or model 
        perform( ) method 
        security in 
    ActionForm  2nd 
        ActionForms explained 
        business tier 
        checkboxes, and 
        creating an ActionForm 
        declaring properties as strings 
        hierarchy (diagram) 
        lifecycle of an ActionForm (diagram) 
        multiple pages, using ActionForms across 
        problems with 
        reset( ) method 
        scope, and 
        using an ActionForm in an Action 
        validation, and 
        Validator, using with 
    ActionForward  2nd  3rd 
        path attribute 
    ActionServlet  2nd  [See also controller]
        doGet( ) method 
        doPost( ) method 
        extending  2nd 
        process( ) method 
    base Action 
        example of shopping-cart functionality 
    DynaActionForm  2nd  3rd 
        form tag, and 
        performing validation with 
    DynaValidatorActionForm  2nd 
        getInstance( ) method 
        implementation (example) 
        deprecation of 
        application events and listener interfaces 
    Java exception 
        getLocale( ) method 
        internationalization, and 
        using the ServletContext to log messages (example) 
    MessageResources  2nd 
    RequestProcessor  2nd  3rd  4th 
        extending  2nd 
    ResourceBundle  2nd 
    ServletContext  2nd  3rd  4th 
        application events and listener interface 
        methods used 
    ValidatorActionForm  2nd 
    ValidatorPlugIn  2nd 
classes subdirectory (WEB-INF) 
classes, custom  2nd 
    banking  2nd 
    banking application 
    storefront application (example)  2nd 
        extending model components 
classic layout 
classpath and resource bundles 
client tier 
CocoBase  2nd 
collection utilities 
columns layout 
Common Gateway Interface  [See CGI]
Commons Collection package 
Commons Logging package 
    logging in JSP pages 
    Struts framework, and 
    supported logging implementations 
    using the API file 
compiling Java source files in Ant 
component packages 
    types with web applications 
    view  2nd 
Components library 
compound messages 
conceptual model 
    storefront application (example) 
confidential information and query strings 
config initialization parameters
config package 
config/sub1 initialization parameter 
ConfigRuleSet class 
configuration classes, extending 
configuration files  2nd 
    adding additional 
    adding plug-ins to 
    complete example 
    declaring ActionForms 
    declaring tiles definitions in 
    example that uses declarative 
    form beans section 
containers  [See also servlet containers]
    web applications deployed in 
Content-Encoding, HTTP request header field 
Content-Type, HTTP request header field 
context path 
    components  2nd  [See also MVC]3rd 
    extension points 
    servlet  [See ActionServlet class]
controller element 
ControllerConfig class 
core tags, JSTL 
country code 
createService( ) method, StorefrontServiceFactory class 
cron utility 
custom actions  [See custom tags]
custom initialization 
custom tags  2nd  [See also tag libraries]
    Bean tag library
        define tag 
        header tag 
        include tag 
        message tag 
        parameter tag 
        resource tag 
        write tag 
    HTML tag library 
        base tag 
        button tag 
        cancel tag 
        checkbox tag 
        errors tag 
        form tag 
        html tag 
        messages tag 
    JavaBeans, in 
    Logic tag library 
        forward tag 
        iterate tag 
        messagesNotPresent tag 
        messagesPresent tag 
        redirect tag 
        substring-matching tags 
        value-comparison tags 
    Tiles tag library  2nd 
        add tag 
        get tag  2nd 
        insert tag 
        put tag 
        putList tag 
    using too many 
    Validator framework, and 
    view components, as 
CustomizedRequestProcessor class 
customizing  [See extending]


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