The SF-1 Router


The SF-1 device on the ZIP network is a Cisco 4700 router. The configuration of this router features the following:

  • A Fast Ethernet LAN interface to the local San Francisco backbone segment

  • An Ethernet connecting to a local San Francisco LAN segment

  • An IPX Get-Nearest-Server output filter on the local San Francisco LANsegment

The complete configuration for the SF-1 router follows :

 version 12.1 service timestamps debug datetime localtime service timestamps log datetime localtime service password-encryption ! hostname SF-1 ! aaa new-model aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ enable aaa authorization exec group tacacs+ if-authenticated aaa authorization network group radius if-authenticated aaa accounting exec stop-only group tacacs+ enable secret 5 toY$IJQPTVD4.aEDLwZ8nPrvX. ! ip domain-list ip domain-list ip domain-name ip name-server ip name-server appletalk routing eigrp 25000 appletalk route-redistribution ipx routing 0000.1c2c.23bb ! clock timezone PST -8 clock summer-time PDT recurring ! interface Loopback1  description SF-1 router loopback  ip address ! interface FastEthernet0  description San Francisco FastEthernet backbone LAN  ip address  appletalk cable-range 1-10  appletalk zone SF Zone  ipx network 1010  full-duplex ! interface Ethernet0  description SF-1 LAN Segment  ip address  ip helper-address  media-type 10BaseT  ntp broadcast  appletalk cable-range 11-100  appletalk zone Operations  ipx network 100  ipx output-gns-filter 1010 ! interface Ethernet1  no ip address  shutdown ! router eigrp 25000  network  no auto-summary ! ip classless logging logging trap debugging logging console emergencies access-list 1 permit access-list 2 permit host access-list 1010 permit aa.0207.0104.0874 access-list 1010 deny -1 ! ipx router eigrp 25000  network 100  network 1010 ! tacacs-server host tacacs-server key ZIPSecure radius-server host radius-server key Radius4Me snmp-server community Zipnet RO 2 snmp-server community ZIPprivate RW 2 snmp-server host Zipnet snmp frame-relay config snmp-server location 22 Cable Car Drive, San Francisco, CA, USA snmp-server contact Allan Leinwand, ! line con 0  password 7 095B59 line aux 0 line vty 0 4  password 7 095B59  access-class 1 in ! ntp update-calendar ntp server ntp server ! end 

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