Cisco Router Configuration, Second Edition

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Cisco Router Configuration, Second Edition
By Allan  Leinwand, Bruce  Pinsky  CCIE #1045
Publisher : Cisco Press
Pub Date : December 20, 2000
ISBN : 1-57870-241-0
Pages : 360
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The objective of this book is to help you, the novice Cisco users, with the basic administration of your internetworking devices. Using straightforward case studies and practical examples, Cisco Router Configuration, 2E teaches IOS fundamentals for configuring, operating, and maintaining internetworking devices. Cisco Router Configuration, 2E provides an overview of Cisco IOS software. It describes basic information on Cisco devices and device interfaces (Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, Frame Relay, ATM). The basics of IP, IPX, and AppleTalk are explained, and the book shows how to use Cisco IOS software to configure addresses, routes, and routing protocols within these three protocols. Finally, Cisco Router Configuration, 2E provides an elaborate example of an entire network setup with complete Cisco IOS configurations. All information in the second edition will include Cisco IOS 12.0 syntax.

Cisco Router Configuration
Cisco Router Configuration (2nd Edition)
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