MessageQueue Programming Architecture


When you add an instance of the MessageQueue component to your form or designer, the references and import statements you need to access these namespaces and classes are automatically created. However, if you are creating your MessageQueue components in code, you might need to create a reference to System.Messaging and add a statement to your project importing (in Visual Basic) or using (in C#) that namespace.

You can use the following methods to interact with an instance of the MessageQueue component:




To create a new message queue using the path you specify.


To delete an existing queue.


To see whether a particular message queue exists.


To locate message queues in your Message Queuing network.

Peek or BeginPeek

To look at messages in a particular queue without removing the messages from the queue.

Receive and BeginReceive

To retrieve the message at the front of the specified queue and remove it from the queue.


To send a message to the specified queue.


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