Tending the Fire--The Flame of Meaning: What is My Purpose?

Fireside Chat—Reclaiming Our Purpose

This fireside chat encourages dialogue around how to reclaim our purpose and communicate that sense of purpose to others. Ideally, this fireside chat would involve a group with a variety of spiritual perspectives. If that's not possible, though, it can still be valuable and successful as a conversation between just a couple of people.

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The Firestarter Question

Ask yourself: "For the sake of what am I living in the second half of my life?"

With the answer to that question in mind, write a clear statement of your purpose. Answer the question, "For the sake of what?" and you have the essence of your purpse. It's an easy question to ask, but a demanding one to answer. It's a lifetime question. Purpose has a spiritual core; at our core, we are spiritual beings.

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Once you've identified your purpose, have a fireside chat about it.. Encourage your fireside partners to contribute to the discussion. Speak your minds. Speak from the heart. Keep the fire of dialogue alive!

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Claiming Your Place at the Fire: Living the Second Half of Your Life on Purpose
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