Tending the Fire--The Flame of Community: Where do I Belong?

Fireside Chat—Where do I Belong?

This fireside chat encourages you to develop a dialogue around the issue of your place in the world. It will be enhanced if you conduct the discussion at a place in which you feel particularly at home. An outdoor environment, especially one around a fire, is ideal; however, what's most important is a place that inspires feelings of comfort and safety.

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The Firestarter Question

What are the aspects of a place that will make it home for you in the second half of life?

As you sit around the fire (literally or figuratively), really try to develop a sense of being grounded where you are. Imagine that you are in the place that most fully expresses your sense of belonging. Reflect on it. What is it about this place that makes you feel so at home? Or not? Have a deep conversation about where you've come from and where you are in the world. Encourage your fireside partners to contribute to the discussion. Speak your minds. Speak from the heart. Keep the fire of dialogue alive!

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