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What is the directive of XSD that generates the dataset?

  1. /n directive

  2. /d directive

  3. /l directive


b. The /d[ataset] directive tells the XSD tool to generate a typed DataSet class code from the supplied .xsd schema file.


True or false: You can only generate a typed DataSet using the XSD XML Schema Definition tool?


False. You can generate typed DataSet s both manually with the XSD tool and dynamically in Visual Studio .NET.


How can the manually created typed DataSet be referenced in my VB code?

  1. Imports an /r directive with library (.dll)

  2. /l language directive at compile time

  3. /n directive at compile time


a. You can use the Imports reference in your code and supply the /r: reference for the typed dataset class (.dll) you generated.


What is used to create more user -friendly names for DataSet objects in the XML Schema file for a DataSet ?

  1. Annotations on the <XS:element name ...>

  2. Comments, preceded by <>

  3. New tag definitions of <XS:User-Friendly term >


a. Annotations are available to add more user-friendly references to DataSet objects and do not change the physical DataSet schema.

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