Section 2.11. Diagnosing your iPod Photo

2.11. Diagnosing your iPod Photo

If you are the adventurous sort and are always fascinated with whatever tricks your iPod photo can perform, you may be interested to try the diagnostic utility that Apple has built into the iPod photo.

The diagnostic utility is meant as a troubleshooting tool for Apple technical people and shows the various states of the iPod photo. To invoke the diagnostic tool, you need to invoke two keys sequences (see Figure 2-45):

  • Sequence 1 - Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for about 6 seconds; the Apple logo will then appear

  • Sequence 2 - Press and hold the Previous and Select buttons until you hear a beep sound.

Figure 2-45. The key sequences to invoke the iPod diagnostics utility

You should be able to see the iPod Diagnostics screen (see Figure 2-46) after performing the above 2 key sequences.

Figure 2-46. The main screen of the iPod diagnostics utility

Use the Click Wheel to scroll through all the different options. One interesting feature is the "Mic" recording ability (under the IO->Audio options). With a microphone attached to the iPod photo, you can record a 6-second audio stream. You can then play back the recorded stream (see Figure 2-47).

Figure 2-47. Recording and playing back a record audio stream

Another interesting feature is the hard disk info (see Figure 2-48). It shows the maker and size of the hard disk as well as the current temperature of the drive.

Figure 2-48. Displaying hard disk information on the iPod photo

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