What This Book Is About

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What This Book Is About

This book is about learning how to write JavaScripts in order to create exciting Web sites. It is also designed to teach you how to leverage the skills and knowledge that you'll develop working with JavaScript in order to create JScripts that automate desktop tasks . Basic experience with Windows and HTML is assumed. The book provides the rest for you. By the time the weekend is over, you will have learned how to do the following:

  • Integrate JavaScripts into your Web pages

  • Use JavaScript to take control of the browser status line

  • Use JavaScript to display pop-up alert, prompt, and confirmation dialog boxes so that you can interact with your visitors

  • Use JavaScript to add graphic effects to Web pages

  • Use JavaScript to create Web page banners, clocks, and other animation effects

  • Use JavaScript to validate forms and e-mail the contents of those forms to yourself

  • Write JavaScripts that collect and save visitor information

  • Write JScripts that automate Windows tasks, such as the creation of new user accounts and disk and printer management

  • Write JScripts that can read text files and create log and report files

  • Write JScripts that can create shortcuts and configure the Windows Start menu and Quick Launch bar

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Learn JavaScript In a Weekend
Learn JavaScript In a Weekend, Second Edition
ISBN: 159200086X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 84

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