I'd like to thank my children, Hannah, Jonah, Sophia, and Tessa. They have each in their own unique way not only enriched my life by their mere presence but also nurtured my mind, body, and spirit. I am thrilled by the people they already are and am excited at the prospect of who they will become. I am proud of each of them for the fiercely independent spirit that they demonstrate.

I'd like to also thank my agent, Neil Salkind, at StudioB, for all his tireless work in seeking out writing opportunities. This was a fun book to be involved with, and I look forward to many more projects under his guidance.

Finally, I would like to thank the folks at Sams Publishing for putting this book together. Neil Rowe and Mark Renfrow are the two people with whom I worked directly, and I thank them both for their communication, feedback, and getting this project completed.

Create Your Own Home Networks
Create Your Own Home Networks
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