Sharing Music by Using iTunes

After you import files, you will inevitably want to share them with others in your home network. After all, the whole point here is to create a jukebox repository that everyone can enjoy from his or her own computer. The advantage this offers to the home network is the ability to either have all your music stored in one central location or distributed across two or more computers, yet still be accessible from anywhere. You could, for example, take your laptop with you anywhere you travel, and when you return home, you'll still be able to play all your favorite songs. Therefore, you'll now learn how to share music.

To share music by using iTunes, follow these steps:


In the iTunes interface, select Edit, Preferences.


Select the Sharing tab and then select the Share My Music check box (see Figure 4.4).

Figure 4.4. The iTunes Sharing tab.


Click OK to accept the defaults and then click OK on the reminder page.

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