Chapter 4: Differentiation


In Chapter 2, I described an exercise I ask my audience to participate in at the workshops and seminars I conduct. The audience discovers that customer satisfaction has little to do with their buying habits. The exercise demonstrates that many times customers are loyal even when they aren't satisfied. So why do people shop where they do?

People buy what they buy where they buy it because of the value of the product or service; don't confuse value and price. Price is only one part of value. The differences in location, color, selection, service, style, and a million other things are all differentiators in products and services. These differences provide superior value and cause someone to trade with the people they do.

Differentiators make one business, product, or seller distinguishable from another. Through differentiation you are demonstrating why your customers should do business with you instead of your competitor. If there is no difference between you and the competition, your customers have no reason to choose you over the other guy.

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