There Is Competition for Every Sale

There is an element of competition for every purchase and sale. Sometimes the competition is between two or more sellers for a similar product. A buyer is considering the purchase of a computer from either a major retailer or a local computer shop. In real estate, the buyer is considering the purchase of a piece of property. There is only one property that interests the buyer, but she may be considering which real estate agent she would like to represent her. Other times several products from different sellers are being considered. An automobile shopper might be considering a Ford, Chevrolet, or Chrysler all from different dealerships. In some situations it's not a matter of vendors, specific products, or salespeople competing for the sale of similar or competing product, but, instead, there is competition with other potential uses of our money or capital. In order to win, you have to not only illuminate what makes your solution or product most appealing, but also make the competing product or service adverse, not as attractive, or risky. This process of competition and the buyer's final decision is always based on differentiators.

Why Customers Come Back. How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
Why Customers Come Back: How to Create Lasting Customer Loyalty
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