• People only do what they truly want to do. There is only one way to get anybody to do anything and that is by making them want to do it.

  • The great scholars of the human condition tell us that people are motivated by a need to be important. This need to be important is expressed by the success of our children, visible wealth, accomplishments, and by how people respond to us.

  • Our people skills determine 80 percent of our success, and our technical skills determine only 20 percent.

  • People doing business with people is the cornerstone principle of creating loyalty. People are the heart and soul of all commerce—not buildings, products, or anything else.

  • Businesses traditionally compete on location, price, products, and selection, but the best competitive tool isn't any of these. The best competitive tool is genuinely caring about people and demonstrating their importance. Responsiveness is a demonstration of importance.

  • All customers want the same things. They want you to Know them, Understand them, Help them, and Lead them. The acronym KUHL (pronounced "cool") tells your customers how important they are.

  • Your greatest tool in knowing, understanding, helping, and leading is listening. By asking your customers questions and then listening to their answers, you will learn about and understand them. Asking questions and listening because you sincerely want to know the answer is at the heart of customer loyalty. Defenselessness and detachment are tools to empower your listening skills.

How's your loyalty level? The following test will help you assess how well you know your customers. In Chapter 4 we will discuss how to use "differentiation" to make your business irresistible to your customers, but first take the Show Me You Know Me—Loyalty Test. You should come back and take this test again after you read each of the chapters that describe a principle. As you progress in your quest for loyalty, you will be astounded by your increased customer knowledge.

Show Me You Know Me—Loyalty Test

  1. Do you know how many internal customers you have?

  2. How well do you know these internal customers? What do you really know about them besides the work they do?

  3. Do you know how many external customers you have?

  4. How well do you know these external customers? Can you describe these customers in terms other than through business transactions?

  5. Are your internal and external customers equipped to describe you to other potential customers in terms beyond just the products or services you sell?

  6. Do you genuinely like your customers?

  7. What do you like about them?

  8. As a customer, what do you like or admire about the people that provide you with goods or services?

  9. Who is your perfect customer and why?

  10. Do you make your customers feel important?

This is not a pop quiz where you get a passing score and you are finished. Your knowledge and understanding of your customers is the most important aspect of your business day. Your success in business and in life will be determined by knowing what people want so you can help them get it. If you can show enough people how to get what they want you will have everything you will ever want.

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