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Package Compiler (pkg_comp) command 
package repositories, creating 
packageAdd command 
    automating NetBSD builds 
    checking dependencies 
Packet Filter (PF)
    securing wireless networks with 
packet sniffers, protecting from 
    deciphering tcpdump output 
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) 
pam_passwdqc module
    changing default settings 
    overview of 
parallel command execution using tentakel 
partition full detection script 
partitioning scheme for automated installs 
    for cgd devices 
    changing periodically 
    one-time passwords and 
passwd command  2nd 
    changing default options using pam_passwdqc module 
password protecting
    single-user mode 
    converting existing passwords to Blowfish 
    crack (dictionary password cracker) 
    customizing dictionaries 
    forcing new passwords to use Blowfish 
    helping users choose memorable passwords 
    one-time passwords 
    protecting email 
    protecting system passwords with Blowfish 
    reusable, creating policy for 
    setting expiration dates for 
    applying to files 
    diff command and 
    revision control and 
    security, automating 
pathnames, finding 
pattern space vs. holding space (sed utility) 
pax utility 
performance of networks, optimizing 
periodic scripts 
    MTAs (Mail Transport Agents) 
peripheral information in kernel configuration files 
permission for using code examples 
    FTP servers, accessing 
    protecting files with flags 
    specifying for ACLs 
    standard Unix vs. ACLs 
Peterson, Jan L. 
PF (Packet Filter)
    securing wireless networks with 
pg_dump/pg_dumpall tools 
phases of the moon (pom) utility 
PHP, configuring 
PHP4, installing 
PHPlot, installing 
pine mail program and pipes 
ping command  2nd 
pipes for traffic shaping 
pkg_add command 
pkg_comp command 
pkg_info command 
    checking dependencies before uninstalling 
    checking disk space used by ports 
pkg_version command 
Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) 
Pluggable Password Checking 
pom (phases of the moon) utility 
pop-up messages, sending 
POP3 protocol
    reading email with telnet 
    security considerations 
Popa, Alexandru 
port 25, closing 
portable files, creating 
portable POSIX archives, creating 
portdowngrade command 
    building without ports trees 
    checking disk space used by 
    choosing Java ports to install 
    dependencies, checking for 
    finding the right port 
    installing Unix applications on Mac OS X using DarwinPorts 
    keeping up-to-date with CTM 
    pkg_info command and 
    screen window manager 
    skeletons, checking out 
ports collection, keeping up-to-date with 
ports trees
    building ports without 
    updating DarwinPorts trees 
    updating using ftp and ctm 
portupgrade command 
portversion command 
POSIX archives, creating 
PostgreSQL databases, automating data dumps for 
power management information in kernel configuration files 
PPP variables 
printing manpages 
priority number of MX records 
.profile file 
program paths, finding 
    login, changing 
    for tcsh shell, making more useful 
prompt command 
protecting the boot process 
pseudodevice information in kernel configuration files 
pseudoterminals, logging into 
pw command 


BSD Hacks
BSD Hacks
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