Common Installation Issues

This section lists some of the common problems you may encounter while installing Reporting Services. Suggested solutions are provided to help you resolve these problems.

Administrative Rights

One of the biggest problems with the Reporting Services setup is not using login accounts that have the appropriate rights. If you encounter an error during installation, refer to the earlier section “Login Accounts” and make sure you are using login accounts that have the appropriate rights.

If you discover you received a setup error because one of the login accounts you used was not adequate to the task, try changing that account using the Report Server Configuration Manager. If this does not work, remove the failed installation of Reporting Services and try again. To remove the failed installation, select Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel and choose to remove Reporting Services.

Server Components Not Shown on the Feature Selection Screen

If you are performing an installation that requires the server components, but they are not present on the Feature Selection screen, this is probably an indication that you are not up-to-date on your Windows service packs. Reporting Services is finicky about this. As stated earlier, the Reporting Services installation process requires Service Pack 4 if you are using Windows 2000 and Service Pack 1a if you are using Windows XP Professional.

If you encounter this problem, cancel the installation, install the latest service pack for your version of Windows, and then start the installation process again.

Installation Error 1603

You may receive Error 1603 if you are doing a report author installation of Reporting Services on a computer that is not running Internet Information Services. The Reporting Services installation looks for a user called ASPNET. This user is created by the .NET Framework installation on computers running IIS. If IIS is not running, no ASPNET user is created.

This problem is solved by creating a local user called ASPNET on the computer where you are doing the report author installation. This user does not need to have any particular password or any particular rights on the computer. For a report author installation, a user with this name simply needs to exist on the computer.

Installation Error 2755

You may receive Error 2755 if you are installing Reporting Services using a Terminal Server session. This will occur if you are using a mapped drive to access the setup files. The Windows Installer service that performs the setup operation is running in a different Windows session, so it may not have the same drive mappings. The error occurs because certain files needed by the installer cannot be found.

To remedy this problem, use a UNC path to access the setup files, rather than a mapped drive. Alternatively, you may put the installation CD in a drive that is local to the computer on which you are performing the installation or copy the setup files to a drive local to that computer.

The Installation Log File

If none of these suggestions solves your installation issues, you may want to consult the installation log files for more information.

The default location for the log files is

 C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Files

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