DNS on Windows 2000, 2nd Edition
By Matt Larson, Cricket Liu
Table of Contents

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mail addr field 
mail exchangers  2nd 
mailing lists 
maintenance  [See administration]
    domain names  
    network names and numbers  
    reverse  2nd 
master files  [See zone data files]
master server 
MB records  2nd 
MD records  2nd 
message compression, resource record data and 
messages, DNS, format of 
Meta IP/DNS 
MF records  2nd 
MG records  2nd 
Microsoft DNS Server 
    Active Directory and  [See Active Directory]
    address sorting and 
        zone data, updating 
    advanced features of 
    aging and scavenging, enabling 
    converting BIND name server to 
    dynamic update protocol 
        Advanced TCP/IP Settings window  2nd 
    history of 
    interoperability with BIND 
    logging events 
    resources for 
    roundtrip time 
    signal-based tasks  
    starting/stopping  2nd 
        from DOS command line 
    Unicode character support 
    version control 
    zone transfers 
Microsoft Exchange Server 
Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 
mil domain 
MINFO records 
minimum TTL 
mirrored servers 
MMC (Microsoft Management Console) 
MNAME field (DNS console) 
MR records 
multihomed hosts   2nd 
MX records  2nd 
    limitation of 
    routing loops  
    RT records vs. 


DNS on Windows 2000
DNS on Windows 2000
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Year: 2001
Pages: 154

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