Recipe 4.9. Troubleshooting Application Compatibility


You want to run a legacy application, you've run the Application Compatibility Wizard, and you've tried the Application Compatibility Toolkit, but the program still is causing problems.


Try this series of troubleshooting tasks:

  1. Check the software maker's web site for fixes. The maker may have posted patches that will solve the problem. Additionally, check the Microsoft Windows Update site at to see whether Microsoft has issued a patch that fixes the problem

  2. Uninstall the program and reinstall it using an administrator account. Older programs for Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, or Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition were written without recognizing that different types of accounts, including administrator's accounts and limited user accounts, might exist. Reinstalling the application using an administrator account may solve the problem. When doing this, make sure that you first log off all accounts except for the administrator account that will install the program.

  3. Games may have a variety of problems and can require a variety of fixes. Try running the game with an administrator account rather than another type of account. Update your video driver by going to the web site of your video card manufacturer. If the game uses DirectX, you should get the newest version of DirectX from


Some older applications claim that they are compatible with Windows XP, and in most instances, they should run with no problem. However, you may you come across an application that doesn't run on your system even after you follow the steps in this and previous recipes. In that case, one problem might be that after you uninstalled the application before reinstalling it, it didn't completely uninstall. It could have left behind Registry keys or files and folders on your hard disk. Follow the advice in Recipe 4.2 after you uninstall the program to make sure that you've removed all its traces. Then reinstall the application.

See Also

MS KB 285909, "How to troubleshoot program compatibility issues in Windows XP"

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