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12. Remove an Item from the Catalog

Before You Begin

2 Perform an Initial Scan for Media

To make the Organizer useful, its catalog must list all the images and other media files you want to work with. In earlier tasks in this chapter, you learned how to import the items you want to track. After an image is displayed in the catalog, you can make changes to it or incorporate it into a creation such as a calendar or slideshow. If the catalog lists an image you no longer want to work with, you can remove that image just as easily as you imported it. You can also remove unwanted audio and movie files from the catalog.

Remember that the catalog is simply a listing of files, not the files themselves. Removing an item from the catalog does not actually remove the file from the hard disk, unless you specifically tell the Organizer you want to do that.


If you want to delete a group of related items such as all the images of your recent house renovation, use the Find bar to display them first. (See 33 About Finding Items in the Catalog.) Then press Ctrl+A or choose Edit, Select All to quickly select the displayed images. If the catalog is sorted by batch or folder, you can click the gray bar above a group to select all the items in that group.


Select Item(s) to Remove

In the Organizer, click the first item and then press Ctrl and click each additional item in the photo well that you want to remove. Selected items appear with a blue outline.


Choose Edit, Delete from Catalog

Choose Edit, Delete from Catalog. If you selected multiple items, choose Edit, Delete Selected Items from Catalog instead.


You can also select an item and simply press the Delete key to remove it from the catalog.


Confirm Deletion and Click OK

The Confirm Deletion from Catalog dialog box appears. If you want to remove the actual item(s) from the hard disk as well as from the catalog, enable the Also delete selected item(s) from the hard disk check box. Click OK.


View the Result

The selected item(s) are removed from the catalog and are no longer displayed in the photo well. The item(s) are also removed from the hard disk, if you chose that option in step 3.

If you deleted an item you didn't want to remove from the catalog, you can immediately choose Edit, Undo Delete Selected Items from Catalog to return that item to the catalog. If you deleted the item from the hard disk it's restored to the hard disk as well.

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