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13. Locate Moved Files

Before You Begin

2 Perform an Initial Scan for Media

As you are probably well aware by now, the Organizer catalog is not a collection of media files, but rather a listing of those files and their various locations on your hard disks, CDs, and DVDs. The Organizer is designed to keep track of any changes you initiate within its program (such as renaming, deleting, or editing images), but it is unaware of any file maintenance activities you perform on its media files outside of the program. If, for example, you use My Computer to move a file from one folder into another, the Organizer assumes that the file has simply disappeared. Similar problems arise if you rename or delete a file outside of the Organizer. To properly rename a file, make the change within the Organizer using the File, Rename command. Move a file using the File, Move command. To delete a file from the Organizer catalog and from the hard disk, see 12 Remove an Item from the Catalog.

If you find that you have accidentally moved or renamed a file using My Computer and not the Organizer, you must update the catalog by following the steps in this task. If you have deleted an item from the hard disk, you can remove it from the catalog as described in 12 Remove an Item from the Catalog.


To tell Organizer to check for missing files periodically and to automatically reconnect them, choose Edit, Preferences, Files from the Organizer menu. Enable the Automatically Search for and Reconnect Missing Files option and click OK. If, however, the Organizer has not yet realized that an image has been renamed or moved, follow the steps in this task to manually reconnect the file yourself.

If you've moved a lot of files, you can reconnect them all in one step by selecting File, Reconnect, All Missing Files. A listing of missing files appears on the right side of the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box. Select as many files as you like, choose the folder in which they are located, and click Reconnect.


Select Moved Item

When an item in the catalog is no longer connected to the actual file, a missing file icon appears at the bottom of the image in the photo well. In the Organizer, click the item to select it.


Choose File, Reconnect, Missing File

Choose File, Reconnect, Missing File from the menu bar. You can also double-click the item in the photo well to display the image in Single Photo View, which might also trigger the reconnect process, depending on your preferences (see the first Tip). A message box appears, telling you that the Organizer is searching the hard disk for the missing file.


Click Browse

You can wait for Organizer to locate the moved file for you, but if it takes more than a few seconds, it's often faster to look for the file yourself. Click the Browse button in the message box. The Reconnect Missing Files dialog box appears.


Locate Actual File

In the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box, the original location and thumbnail of the missing image appear on the left. On the right side of the dialog box, from the drop-down list on the Browse tab, navigate to the folder in which the file is now located.

Organizer should locate the file immediately and display its thumbnail in the lower-right corner of the dialog box. If not, select the file from those listed on the right.


Click Reconnect

After you've verified that the image shown in the lower-right area of the dialog box is indeed the missing file, click the Reconnect button to update the file's location in the catalog.

If you can't relocate the missing file and you no longer want the item in the catalog, click Delete from Catalog instead of Reconnect.


Click Close

You can reconnect additional files while the Reconnect Missing Files dialog box is open; just repeat steps 4 and 5. When you're through reconnecting files, click Close.


View the Result

After the file's new location is updated in the catalog, its thumbnail appears as normal in the photo well and the missing file icon is removed.

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