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11. Import New Media Automatically

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2 Perform an Initial Scan for Media

After importing images, audio, and video files currently on the hard disk into the catalog, you can import new media files manually by following the steps outlined in 3 Import Media from a Folder. You can also set up the Organizer so that it periodically scans the hard disk for new media and imports that media automatically for you. If you'd like to exercise discretion over the images that Organizer finds and wants to import, you can tell Organizer to simply notify you when it finds new media.


Choose File, Watch Folders

In the Organizer, choose File, Watch Folders from the menu bar. The Watch Folder dialog box appears.


Select Folders to Watch

Click Add. In the Browse for Folder dialog box that opens, select the folder you want the Organizer to watch and then click OK. You return to the Watch Folder dialog box; repeat this step to add as many folders to the watch list as you want.


If you take digital photos with your cell phone, you can have the Organizer watch the folder into which you normally import cell photos and then either automatically import them or notify you when you need to import new images into the catalog. After designating a folder for your cell phone photos (as described in 8 About Importing Images from a Cell Phone), follow the steps in this task to watch the folder for new images.


Set Options and Click OK

To have Organizer watch sub-folders of the folders you've selected, enable the Watch Folders and its Sub-Folders for New Files check box.

Next, select what you want the Organizer to do when it discovers new media in the specified folders: Notify Me or Automatically Add Files to Photo Browser. After selecting the options you want, click OK.


You can start the Organizer from the Welcome Window by clicking the View and Organize Photos button. From the Editor, you can start the Organizer by clicking Photo Browser.

When new images are saved, moved, or copied to a watched folder, one of two things happens. If you chose to have the Organizer notify you, you'll see a message asking whether you want to add the new files. If you click Yes, you'll see a dialog box with thumbnails for each image. Enable the check box in front of each image you want to import and click OK. The images are imported into the catalog. If you chose to have new files automatically added to the catalog, you won't see any notification. Instead, the images are imported into the catalog, and the listing changes to show just those images. Click the Back to All Photos button on the Find bar to redisplay all items in the catalog.


You can remove folders from the watch list later on: just choose File, Watch Folders to redisplay the Watch Folder dialog box, select a folder name from those listed, and click Remove.

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