Page #102 (77. Paint a Selection)

Chapter 10. Modifying a Selection


78 Expand or Shrink a Selection

79 Add Areas Similar to the Current Selection

80 Smooth a Jagged Selection Edge

81 Move the Selection Marquee

82 Soften the Edge of a Selection

83 Select Everything But the Current Selection

Even with the variety of selection tools Photoshop Elements provides, sometimes it is difficult to select all the parts of the image you want with one selection maneuver. Fortunately, you can modify your selection by changing its size and location. You can even change the selection to select everything except what you originally selected.

In this chapter you will learn how to make changes to a selection. Not only can you change the selection size, you can also move the selection marquee to select a different area of the image. You can add additional areas to the selection by selecting other portions of the image that are similar to the current selection.

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