Adding Your Paychecks and Income

You can track your income by entering your paycheck(s) information for you and anyone else you want to track for your household. Quicken uses this information to manage your income and expenses, track taxes you pay, and help you plan for the future. Before proceeding, you should get your paycheck stubs to assist you in entering income information.

Add Your Paychecks and Income

From the Add Paychecks/Income section of Express Setup, click in the text box in the Company Name column and type the name of your employer or source of income.

Select a category; for example, Salary.

Type your net income for an individual paycheck.

Select the frequency of payment.

Type or select the date of your next payment.

Select the account into which the paycheck is deposited.

To add additional paychecks or income, click Add Row and repeat steps 16.

Click Next Step to add bills and expenses.

Did You Know?

You can add more information later. Express Setup allows you to enter basic information about your paychecks and income. However, after you start using Quicken, you add all kinds of other data, such as tax information, for tracking purposes. In addition, you can set up alerts so that each time you get paid, Quicken will remind you to enter the information in your account register.

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