Adding Your Checking Account

The first account to set up is your checking account, which is considered a cash flow account in Quicken. Gather your bank statement for your primary checking account and use it to enter the latest information about this account in Quicken. If you have online access to your bank account, retrieve your login ID and password so that you can download the information into Quicken during the setup.

Set Up a Checking Account

Type the name of the financial institution where your checking account is held and then click Next Step.

TIMESAVER Click in the text box beneath This Account Is Held at the Following Institution and start typing the name of your bank. The drop-down menu lists the bank names closest to what you type. Select the name of your financial institution. If it is not listed, finish typing the name. Then click Next. If Quicken finds a bank with multiple locations, you may be prompted to specify the location of the bank.

Select Yes if you can download the account information directly from your financial institution. Select No to enter the account information yourself.

If you can download your account information, type your login ID in User Name and your account password in Password and Reenter Password.

If you are entering the information manually, in Name Your Account, type the name you want to give this account and complete the rest of the information.

Did You Know?

The account name is used in Quicken. The name you give your account is used only within Quicken, to help you identify it and differentiate it from your other accounts.

If you are downloading your account information, ensure that you are connected to the Internet and click Next Step.

Quicken connects to your financial institution and locates your account(s). If you manually entered the information, go to the next task, "Adding Your Paychecks and Income."

Select the account(s) you want to download into Quicken by selecting the box in the Add column.

If needed, change the names of the account(s) by clicking in the text boxes and typing the name(s) you want to use in Quicken. Then click Next Step.

See Also

Refer to "Adding New Accounts" on page 88 for information on adding additional checking or savings accounts.

Did You Know?

You must have a login ID and password to download your bank account information. In order to download your bank account information, you must already have a login ID and password from your financial institution. If you don't, click No in step 2 and enter your account information manually. You can call your financial institution to set up access, if it is offered, and change your account to online later.

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