Key Points

  • When you click the text in a text object, it is surrounded by a slanted-line selection box, which indicates that you can edit and format the text. When you click the slanted -line selection box, the text is surrounded by a dotted selection box, which indicates that you can manipulate the object as a unit.

  • In addition to titles and bullet points or other paragraphs, you can create two types of text boxes: text labels, and word processing boxes. The first is a single line of text, and the second is a note that wraps in a box. You can change one into the other by changing the word-wrap and fit-text options in the Format Text Box dialog box.

  • You can align text to the left or right, or you can center it in a text object. You can also adjust the text object to fit the amount of text it contains.

  • You can use the Find and Replace commands on the Edit menu to locate and change text. You can also replace one font with another throughout a presentation with the Replace Font command.

  • PowerPoint uses AutoCorrect to correct common capitalization and spelling errors as you type. It uses AutoFit to ensure that the text you type fits in its object. The AutoCorrect Options and AutoFit Options buttons give you control over whether text is corrected and sized .

  • PowerPoints spelling checker checks the spelling of slides, outlines, notes pages, and handout pages. You can mark foreign words and add words to a dictionary so that they dont get flagged as misspellings.

  • You can use PowerPoints Thesaurus to look up synonyms for a selected word and insert a new word into the presentation.

Microsoft Office 2003 Step by Step
MicrosoftВ® Office ExcelВ® 2003 Step by Step (Step By Step (Microsoft))
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