Printing Data Lists

When you're ready to print a worksheet, all you have to do is click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Print, and then click Quick Print. If you want a little more say in how Excel 2007 prints your worksheet, you can use the controls in the Print dialog box to determine how Excel 2007 prints your worksheet. For example, you can choose the printer to which you want to send this job, print multiple copies of the worksheet, and select whether the copies are collated (all pages of a document together) or not (multiple copies of the same page are printed together).


The exact version of the Print dialog box that Excel 2007 presents depends on the printer you select, so your Print dialog box might differ from the one shown in the preceding graphic.

If you want to print more than one worksheet from the active workbook, but not every worksheet in the workbook, you can select the worksheets to print from the tab bar. To select the worksheets to print, hold down the key while you click the sheet tabs of the worksheets you want to print. Then click the Microsoft Office Button, point to Print, and click Quick Print.


The worksheets you select for printing do not need to be next to one another in the workbook.

A helpful option on the Sheet tab page of the Page Setup dialog box is the Cell Errors As box, which enables you to select how Excel 2007 will print any errors in your worksheet. You can print an error as it normally appears in the worksheet, print a blank cell in place of the error, or choose one of two other indicators that are not standard error messages. After you prepare your worksheet for printing, you can print it by opening the Print dialog box. To print every page in the worksheet, select the All option button in the Print range section and then click OK. To print every worksheet in the active workbook, select the Entire Workbook option button in the Print What section.

In this exercise, you'll print nonadjacent worksheets in your workbook and suppress errors in the printed worksheet.

USE the Summary by Customer workbook in the practice file folder for this topic. This practice file is located in the My Documents\Microsoft Press\Excel SBS\Printing folder.

OPEN the Summary by Customer workbook.


If necessary, display the Summary worksheet.


On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click the group's dialog box launcher.

The Page Setup dialog box appears.


Click the Sheet tab.

The Sheet tab appears.


Click the Cell errors as field down arrow and then click <blank>.


Click OK.


Hold down the key and then, on the tab bar, click the Northwind sheet tab.

Excel 2007 selects the Summary and Northwind worksheets.


Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Print.

The Print dialog box appears.


In the Print what area, verify that the Active sheet(s) option button is selected.


Click Cancel (you can click OK if you want to print the worksheets).

CLOSE the Summary by Customer workbook.

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