Our Systems

We're often asked about our personal system setups. Here's a quick rundown of what equipment we used while making this book. This isn't everything we use, of course . . . there's always some new toy.


System 1: Power Macintosh G4/800MHz x2, 1.5 GB RAM, 570 GB hard drive space, LaCie electron22blue III and LaCie PhotonII 18 monitors, GretagMacbeth EyeOne spectrophotometer, LaCie BlueEye colorimeter, LaCie BlueEye and GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker Pro monitor calibration. System 2: Power Macintosh G5 2GHz x2, 3.5 GB RAM, 1.5 TB hard drive space, Sony Artisan and EIZO ColorEdge 21 monitors, GretagMacbeth ICColor 210 Spectrophotometer, Imacon Flextight 848 scanner. System 3: Apple PowerBook G4/1GHz 12-inch, 768MB RAM, 120 GB hard drive space. System 4: Power Macintosh G4/450, 1.5 GB RAM. 320 GB total hard disk space, Epson Stylus Photo 2200 printer, Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 laser printer, GretagMacbeth SpectroScan spectrophotometer.


Macintosh 17-inch PowerBook G4 with 1 GB RAM and Mac OS X 10.2, IBM ThinkPad T41 with 1.5 GB RAM and Windows XP Professional, Gretag Macbeth EyeOne monitor calibrator, Epson Stylus inkjet printer, Xerox Phaser 8850 solid-ink color printer.

Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2(c) Industrial-Strength Production Techniques
Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2: Industrial-strength Production Techniques
ISBN: B000N7B9T6
Year: 2006
Pages: 220
Authors: Bruce Fraser

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