12.3 The Behaviors Panel

The Behaviors panel, shown in Figure 12-1, provides access to the installed behaviors. Open it using Window figs/u2192.gif Behaviors, Shift+F3, or the Behaviors icon in the Launcher bar.

Figure 12-1. The Behaviors panel

Behaviors are generally applied to objects within your page, although they can be applied to the <body> tag as well. For example, you might apply a behavior to an image to make it act as a button with a rollover effect. Select the desired object in the Document window and add behavior(s) using the Behaviors panel.

The Behaviors panel shows behaviors associated with the currently selected object, not all behaviors used in the current document. Available behaviors are listed under the Add Behavior pop-up menu (the plus (+) button).

Table 12-2 describes the controls found on the Behaviors panel.

Table 12-2. The Behaviors panel



Add Behavior [+]

Adds a behavior to the currently selected object.

Remove Behavior [-]

Deletes the selected behavior from the list of applied behaviors.

Move Up arrow

Moves the selected behavior up in the event-processing order (relevant only if multiple behaviors are applied).

Move Down arrow

Moves the selected behavior down in the order event-processing order.

Events column

Lists the events that trigger the actions in the Actions column. Change events using the Select Event button (see Figure 12-1). Double-click an event name to edit the behavior's parameters.

Select Event

Select the event to trigger this behavior from the pop-up menu. The available events vary based on the behavior, the object to which it's attached, and the targeted browser(s).

Actions column

Lists behaviors that have been applied to the currently selected object. Double-click an action's name to edit the behavior's parameters. You can't change a behavior's intrinsic action (it's inherent in its JavaScript code). To change an action, delete the existing action and add a different behavior instead.

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