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Head category   2nd  
Head Content bar  
head elements  
       of cells , formatting  
       of columns , formatting  
       of images, specifying  
       of layers   2nd  
       of margins for frames  
       of layers  
       of rows
               for framesets  
       of Shockwave movie stage  
       of tables, formatting   2nd  
Help -> Manage Extensions  
Help -> Using Dreamweaver  
help files for Dreamweaver, displaying in primary browser  
Help menu, keyboard shortcuts for  
hidden fields  
hidden links, displaying  
hidden objects  
       preference for displaying  
hiding/showing   [See also displaying]
       fields/form fields  
       layers   2nd  
       objects   2nd  
       Site Map pane, arrow button for  
Highlight Invalid HTML option  
Highlighting category  
History panel  
       copying/pasting HTML code and  
       HTML styles and  
       preference for maximum number of steps in  
home page
       defining in Site Map Layout category  
       location of  
        names for  
       Set as Home Page command for  
       View as Root command for  
HomeSite code editor  
       noneditable regions and  
horizontal rules  
Hot Function Key option  
hot keys for browsers  
Href attribute  
       DHTML and  
       layer tags for  
       non-HTML code and  
       Reference panel and  
       Roundtrip HTML feature and  
       site reports for  
       table tags for  
       tags for, redefining with type selectors  
       templates and  
       updating with layers  
       Version 4.0, language attribute and  
       XHTML and  
HTML character entities   [See special characters ]
HTML code
       ActiveX controls and  
       cleaning up  
               Find and Replace feature for  
               FrontPage and  
               Word and  
       external objects and  
       Flash Buttons and   2nd  
       Flash objects and  
       Generator and  
       hand-editing directly in Code pane  
       initial code for frames, retrieving  
       library items and  
               for color  
               for format  
               for rewriting  
       Shockwave objects and  
       SourceFormat.txt file and  
HTML documents
       importing into Dreamweaver  
       inserting CourseBuilder interactions into  
       opening in external editors  
       previewing in browsers  
       size of, shown in Status bar  
HTML styles  
       vs. CSS styles  
HTML Styles icon  
HTML Styles panel  
HTML-style tags  
http-equiv attribute  
http\:// protocol prefix  
HTTP status codes  
https \:// protocol prefix  
hyperlinks   [See links]

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