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icon attribute  
icon labels, displaying in Objects panel  
icon_height attribute  
icon_width attribute  
       for invisible objects  
       in Site Map window  
id attribute (behaviors)  
ID attribute (links)  
ID selector styles, applying/clearing  
ID selectors  
IE   [See Internet Explorer]
IE -> Add to Favorites behavior  
image fields  
image maps  
images   2nd   [See also Fireworks graphics software]
       acting as buttons  
               to Library  
               to timelines  
       aligning, using tracing images  
       background   2nd  
       in background of layers   2nd  
       behaviors and  
               in forms, image field for  
       CSS Background category and  
       CSS Block category and  
       CSS Border category and  
       editing, from Fireworks within Dreamweaver  
       Explore interactions and  
       graphics software for   2nd  
               keyboard shortcut for  
               into templates  
       Layout view and  
       location of  
       making into editable region  
       options for (table)  
       rollover   [See rollover images]
       slideshows and  
       stored in Web Photo Album  
       thumbnail, extension for  
       using in templates  
       web site planning and  
Import Tabular Data dialog box  
importing tabular data  
in-between frames  
index.htm file, web site planning and  
indicating server-side language files   2nd  
Insert -> AP Scrollable Area  
Insert -> Search  
Insert -> CourseBuilder Interaction  
Insert -> Form Objects  
Insert -> Form Objects -> Jump Menu  
Insert -> Frames  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Base  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Description  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Keywords  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Link   2nd   3rd  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Meta  
Insert -> Head Tags -> Refresh  
Insert -> Horizontal Rule  
Insert -> Image  
Insert -> Interactive Images -> Fireworks HTML  
Insert -> Interactive Images -> Navigation Bar  
Insert -> Interactive Images -> Rollover Image  
Insert -> Interactive Media -> Flash Button  
Insert -> Interactive Media -> Flash Text  
Insert -> Invisible Tags -> Comments  
Insert -> Invisible Tags -> Named Anchor  
Insert -> Invisible Tags -> Scripts   2nd  
Insert -> Layer   2nd   3rd  
Insert -> Media -> Applet  
Insert -> Media -> Flash  
Insert -> Media -> Generator  
Insert -> Media -> Plugin   2nd  
Insert -> Media -> Shockwave   2nd  
Insert -> SDK Samples menu, adding to menu bar  
Insert -> Server-Side Include  
Insert -> Slice  
Insert -> Special Characters   2nd  
Insert -> Special Characters -> Non-Breaking Space  
Insert -> Special Characters -> Other   2nd  
Insert -> Table  
Insert Absolutely Positioned Scrolling Layer icon  
Insert Applet tool  
Insert Base dialog box  
Insert button  
       in Assets panel   2nd  
       in Library panel  
Insert CourseBuilder Interaction icon  
Insert Date dialog box  
Insert Description dialog box  
Insert Email Link dialog box  
Insert Fireworks HTML dialog box  
Insert Flash button  
Insert Flash Button dialog box  
Insert Flash Text dialog box  
Insert Generator dialog box  
Insert Generator tool  
Insert Horizontal Rule button  
Insert HTML mode  
Insert Image icon   2nd  
Insert Jump Menu dialog box  
Insert Keywords dialog box  
Insert menu, keyboard shortcuts for  
Insert Named Anchor dialog box  
Insert Navigation Bar dialog box  
Insert Non-Breaking Space button  
Insert Other Character dialog box   2nd  
Insert Plugin tool  
Insert Refresh dialog box  
Insert Rollover Image dialog box  
Insert Script dialog box   2nd  
Insert Shockwave button  
Insert Special Character dialog box  
Insert Table dialog box  
inserting   [See also creating]
       ActiveX controls  
       behaviors, CourseBuilder interactions and  
       content into templates  
       Design Notes  
       editable regions  
       layers, into editable regions  
       library items  
       special characters  
       CourseBuilder extension  
instances of library items, vs. original  
interactions for CourseBuilder   [See CourseBuilder interactions]
Internet Explorer   [See also browsers]
       ActiveX controls and  
       adjusting height/width of layers in  
       background images and  
       border settings and  
       plugins and  
Internet Protocol address  
Invisible Elements category  
invisible objects   [See hidden objects]
Invisibles category   2nd  
IP address  

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