The code snippets in this section check on the client side to determine whether the Flash player is running on a Pocket PC 2002 device.


This ActionScript detects whether a Flash movie is running on the Flash Player 5 on a Pocket PC device.

 /*  *       This is a simple function added to the built in String object that checks  *       whether a String begins with the string passed into the function.  */  String.prototype.beginsWith = function(s)  {           return(s == this.substring(0, s.length));  }  var playerVersion = getVersion();  if(playerVersion.beginsWith("WINCE"))  {           //Pocket PC 2002 <u><b>Detected;  }  else  {           //Pocket PC 2002 NOT detected;  } 

Pocket Jscript

This Jscript code detects whether the HTML page/Jscript is being run in a browser on the Pocket PC operating system.

 *var strNav = navigator.userAgent;  // Check for Windows CE (Pocket PC, Palm-size PC, Handheld PC, Handheld PC Pro)         var isCE = strNav.indexOf("Windows CE");         if(isCE > -1)  {  //add Windows CE specific code         }         else  {  //add code for other platforms         }  // Check for Pocket PC         var isPPC = strNav.indexOf("240x320");  if(isPPC > -1)  {  // add Pocket PC specific code  }  else  {  // add code for other platforms  } 

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