Adjusting Tint

Whereas the Temperature slider helps you adjust the blue and yellow colors in a photo, the Tint slider modifies the magenta and green colors in a photo.

To adjust the tint of a photo:

  • In the Adjust panel, drag the Tint slider to the left to add magenta to the photo or to the right to add green.

What the Tint slider does

Check out Figure 4.45, a picture of my aunt and uncle at my sister's wedding in Hawaii. For whatever reason, their skin tones ended up a bit too pink. By moving the Tint slider slightly to the right in Figure 4.46, I've added just a touch of green, which gives them more normal skin tones.

Figure 4.45. The skin tones in this picture of my aunt and uncle were a little too pink.

Figure 4.46. Tweaking the Tint slider slightly toward the green side gave them more normal skin tones.

As you would expect, moving the Tint slider toward the right moves the green mountain to the right as well, and slides both the red and blue mountain ranges to the left, increasing the amount of green and decreasing the amount of magenta (since magenta is composed of both red and blue). Moving the Tint slider to the left has the opposite effect. Also, note that the mountain ranges also change in size and shape somewhat.


  • To adjust tint and temperature quickly, -click on a portion of the photo you think should be a light gray (a shadow on a white shirt, or the white of an eye), but which is not overexposed. This shortcut is difficult to control and is best used as a starting point from which you'll tweak the Tint and Temperature sliders more carefully by hand.

What Else Would I Do?

Overall, this picture doesn't need much more help, though I might bump up the sharpness a bit to increase the definition of fine details in the photo.

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