Viewing Photo Information

iPhoto presents information about photos in two places: the Information pane and the Photo Info window.

To view info in the Information pane:

  • If the Information pane is hidden, click the Information button underneath the Source pane once to display the Information pane (Figure 3.53).

    Figure 3.53. iPhoto's Information pane displays some basic information about selected photos.

To view information in the Photo Info window:


Select a photo and choose Get Info from the Photos menu ().

iPhoto displays the Photo Info window's Photo Tab (Figure 3.54).

Figure 3.54. The Photo Info window's Photo tab provides detailed information that was recorded about the image by the camera.


Click the Exposure tab to see exposure information (Figure 3.55).

Figure 3.55. The Exposure tab of the Photo Info window displays information about the camera's settings at the time it took the image.


Click the Keywords tab to see and assign keywords associated with the photo.


  • When the Photo Info window is showing, you can click another photo to see its information immediately.

  • You can change photo titles, dates, and comments in the Information pane, but you can change only keywords in the Photo Info window.

  • The Photo Info window picks up its information from the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data stored by most digital cameras. EXIF is an industry standard that's designed to help interoperability among cameras, printers, and other imaging devices. In theory, EXIF support could help a printer produce a better rendition of an original image, although the theory appears to fall short of reality.

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