Searching with the Calendar Pane

The Calendar pane makes it easy to display just photos within certain date ranges. The tasks explained below take place in the Calendar pane; open it by clicking the Calendar button under the Source pane.

To change the Calendar pane's view:

  • To switch to year view, click the view triangle so it points right (Figure 3.51).

    Figure 3.51. Here, in year view, I've searched for photos taken in either January 2005 or January 2006.

  • To switch to month view, click the view triangle so it points left (Figure 3.52).

    Figure 3.52. Here, in month view, I've searched for photos taken over Valentine's Day weekend in 2004.

  • To see more dates, drag up the handle at the top of the Calendar pane.

  • To display earlier or later months or years, click the up or down triangle.

  • To jump to the current month, click the word Calendar at the top of the pane.

  • To clear the results of a search, click the X button or switch to any other album.

To search for photos using the Calendar pane:

  • Select the days or months corresponding to the time period in which you want to find photos. You can -click or -click to select multiple contiguous or noncontiguous dates.

  • Click a month or year heading to select all the days or months within.


  • Searches take place in the current album.

  • Pay attention to whether a month or day is black or gray. Black dates contain photos; gray dates do not.

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