Searching with the Keyword Pane

Keywords make it easy to find just those photos associated with certain keywords. When you search for photos, iPhoto doesn't merely select matching photosit displays only those you want to see. These tasks take place in the Keywords pane; open it by clicking the key button under the Source pane.

To search for photos via keyword:

  • Click one or more keywords.

    iPhoto displays all those photos that have all the selected keywords (Figure 3.47).

    Figure 3.47. Here I've searched for all the photos in my Library that have both the "Tristan" keyword and the "Vacation" keyword. Note that there are 45 photos showing.

To narrow a search:

  • -click one or more keywords.

    iPhoto removes from the display pane those photos with the -clicked keyword (Figure 3.48).

    Figure 3.48. Now I've narrowed the search by Option-clicking the "iPhoto Talk" keyword, which removes photos from the display pane that have the "iPhoto Talk" keyword. Note that there are now only 30 photos showing (most of which are in the closed film roll).

Ways to show all photos:

  • Click the Reset button in the Keywords pane.

  • Switch to the Calendar pane.

  • Switch to any other album.


  • Searches take place in the current album, unless you first select multiple albums.

  • The setting for the Match pop-up menu in the Keywords preference pane controls whether clicking multiple keywords finds photos that have all the selected keywords or any of the selected keywords (Figure 3.49). Choosing Any from the Match menu results in more photos being found, but the results you get from choosing All will likely be more what you want, since they are similar to the way you search in Google, for instance.

    Figure 3.49. Choose either All or Any from the Match pop-up menu to control how keyword searches work.

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