Editing Slide Photos

You will most likely have edited your photos before you create a slideshow, but if not, you can do so while customizing your slides. Some edits must be permanent; others don't have to be.

To edit slide photos permanently:


Double-click the photo that's showing in the display pane to switch to edit mode.


Make whatever changes you wish, and when you're done, click the Done button to return to your slideshow.

To edit slide photos temporarily:

You can make several types of temporary edits that iPhoto applies to the photo only in the saved slideshow. These changes do not affect the original photo in any way.

  • Choose either Black and White or Sepia from the Effect pop-up menu to render the photo either black-and-white or sepia.

  • If you aren't using the Ken Burns Effect (it's off in the settings dialog and for the current slide), you can use the size slider to zoom in on the photo.

  • If you zoom in on a slide, you can drag the photo to set what portion of the zoomed photo appears.


  • If the photo is rotated incorrectly, fix it without entering edit mode by choosing Rotate Clockwise () or Rotate Counter Clockwise () from the Photos menu.

  • Use temporary edits when possible unless you want the changes to apply everywhere that photo is used (books, prints, and so on).

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