Considering User Platforms

SWF files are handled differently by different computers. Operating systems such as Windows and OS X and browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer each may handle an SWF file a little differently than others. For the most part, regardless of the platform or browser, your SWF file will play the same way for everyone viewing and using the application. The differences are infinitesimally small compared with something like an HTML page with style sheets, JavaScript, and so forth. However, there are small inconsistencies that are important to be aware of. A Mac will play your SWF file back a little bit more slowly than on a Windows-based machine. This has to do with the operating system and the Flash Player; however, it has been greatly improved with Flash Player 8, so the differences are quite insignificant if this Player is what your visitor has installed.


A Mac and a PC handle colors differently. Graphics produced on a Mac and viewed on a Windows-based machine will appear darker than on the Mac. The opposite is true of graphics produced on Windows and viewed on a Mac. This has nothing to do with the SWF file itself; it has to do with gamma-correction differences between the machines. This inconsistency occurs no matter what you are using to create your website. When possible, use less-subtle tones and more contrasting colors to control for that difference.

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