Other Languages

Maintained by Robert Tolksdorf, this web site is a central clearinghouse for a wide variety of other languages for the JVM. It covers a variety of topics: interpreters, preprocessors for Java-like languages into Java, other languages compiled into Java, and other languages compiled into bytecodes.

(Per Bothner, Cygnus) Another implementation of a Scheme compiler for the JVM. The compiler takes a different approach to Scheme compilation.

(Intermetrics) One of the first languages translated into the JVM (besides Java, of course) was Ada. This web site demonstrates an application for using Ada to generate applets.

The Internet Scheme Repository. Contains the official documents that define Scheme and many useful programs written in Scheme.

Programming for the Java Virtual Machine
Programming for the Javaв„ў Virtual Machine
ISBN: 0201309726
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 1998
Pages: 158
Authors: Joshua Engel

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