Chapter 15: Voice Phishing

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Websense Security Labs Phishing Alert, June 23, 2006


Phishing is a type of identity theft attack that has traditionally targeted email users and involves an attacker creating a spoofed website that appears to represent a legitimate financial site (PayPal, eBay, ABC Bank, and so on). Victims are usually lured into visiting the spoofed site and giving up vital information such as passwords, mother's maiden name , credit card numbers, and Social Security numbers .

Phishing attacks really took off in 2004 and have yet to slow down in their growth as a prevalent form of cyber attack. In January of 2004, there were 174 phishing websites identified by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (, and by December of the same year, there were over 1,700. More recently the numbers have skyrocketed; in May 2006 alone there were 20,109 unique phishing sites reported .

In the same way that phishing attacks have skyrocketed in the last few years , so too can we expect the same perpetrators to focus their attention on the VoIP realm eventually.

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