Test Your Thinking

Chapter 10: Test Your Thinking

The projects in this section use the skills you've acquired in this chapter. The answers to these projects are available to instructors only through a Prentice Hall sales representative and are intended to be used in classroom discussion and assessment.

1)Determine your own bidding personality. Do you think that you'd have a tendency to overbid or underbid Web projects? Why? You can do this by locating a Web site with which you are aware of the budget (use the Disability News site if there is no other). Knowing what you do now, how would you have bid that Web site? It's important for you to understand what your tendencies are so that you can automatically adjust them to make the sale or make the project more profitable for the firm.
2)Many Web firms start out with sole-proprietor status. Later, they incorporate. What are the reasons that most businesses incorporate? What shift in project requirements might cause a Web firm to incorporate?
3)Describe a Web project in which a full-blown project specification might not be cost-effective to develop. If a project specification was not written, how would you assure that the client's expectations and the project team's vision were in agreement?

Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
Exploring Web Marketing and Project Management
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